About Me

Who I am

Murderdoll Ivy is a Florida Cosplayer and Artist. She is been cosplaying since 2012 while working as a teacher, and full time since 2014 in Conventions in and out of Florida, some of which she’s been a guest, panelist and sometimes artist. As a cosplayer, she does her best to build her own cosplay versions of her favorite characters.  

As a self-taught artist and painter, she’s spent the last few years refining her art and trying different mediums.  She’s also been featured in magazines and podcasts such as CosplayZine, Cosplay Realm Magazine, Orlando Sentinel, Untitled Nerd Network, Happy Hour with Johnny and Duce, and the Creative Hangout, among others.

Her art has been showcase in magazines and venues such as VoyageMIA, Cosplayzine, City Arts Factory, Hourglass Brewery, Mowie Wowie Tattoo, among others.

The Reason Behind It All

Art is fun. Doesn‘t matter what she does, cosplaying, painting, crafting, Murderdoll Ivy always makes sure to find the fun part of it. 

She believes cosplaying is for everyone and she tries to encourage everyone to give it a try.  

Where Can You See More

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