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Want me as a guest for your convention? I can hold panels and Q&A's, judge your costume contests, do signings and more!  Email me using our contact form to discuss any details.

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Special events

Have a charity or special event?  I can attend your event dressed up as your favorite character!  As with conventions please send me an email through our contact form for details and availability.

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Buy a Digital Set

If you are interested in supporting our cosplay creations, you can buy a Digital Set which comes with an 8x10 print.  Each set is sent via Google Drive and starts at $15.  All payments are via PayPal.  Email me for more info.

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Buy me a coffee

Don't want to subscribe to Patreon?  You can also help by donating on Ko-Fi.  In exchange, you can get a sticker after you donate $10 or more.

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Are you interested in sponsor Murderdoll Ivy? Fill in our Contact Form in our front page and I’ll get back at you as fast as possible. Accepting sponsorships for conventions, cosplays, wigs, contacts and makeup. 

Want to contribute to my cosplays? Check out my Amazon Wishlist. Any donation is appreciated! 

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Other Ways of Support

You can not only buy sets, prints, art and coffees but you can also help supporting my art in so many ways. Send me a message on any of my social media to discuss how you can help.

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